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Joker's Greeting

Welcome Little One Endless Sound Card

Welcome Little One Endless Sound Card

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We like to call this card....birth control.


Does your friend think she's ready for a baby?  This prank card for Baby Showers or new babies might have her thinking twice!  An adorable and sweet baby card, once signed and triggered by your wicked little self (insert devil horns), will give way to a card of horror, as the sound of a baby crying will continuously play for 3+ hours!

Much like a crying baby, this card is strong willed and not ready to cave.  It's even waterproof!  Unlike a real crying can shake this card all you want.  If you get so frustrated that you try to rip it apart, you will only be bombarded with a Glitter Shower.   This thing is meant to make heads spin...consider yourself warned!



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