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Teacher Mode OFF Wine Label

Teacher Mode OFF Wine Label

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There's only one thing a teacher wants this year. Alcohol! Top it off with a fun wine label to make sure your'e the Teacher's Pet!


Teacher Mode OFF Wine Label

What’s better than a glass of wine? A bottle of wine! And what’s better than that? One that makes you laugh and smile while you’re enjoying it. These labels are super simple to apply to your standard-sized wine or champagne bottles. They’re perfect for any occasion or celebration, or just for you, because again - it’s wine.

They can be slapped over an existing label, but I recommend you soak off any existing label in warm water with a few tablespoons of baking soda for about 15 minutes before applying it to your clean and dry bottle. Make sure to keep your labels low on the bottle to avoid awkward wrinkles.

*Matte white (great for those reds that stay at room temperature; these labels are not recommended for wet environments)

These are not permanent and like any label, they will eventually peel and fade after being soaked in liquid for a period of time.


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