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It's The Bomb

Poo Bombs Toilet Bombs

Poo Bombs Toilet Bombs

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They'll never know you dropped a bomb!


Some say 'drop it before you plop it', ...some say 'poo, then do'.  Either way, Poo Bombs Toilet Bombs are the perfect way to disguise the aftermath of a poop attack, especially if you aren't at your own home!  (Keep one in your purse or car!)

After you've dropped the kids off at the pool, flush the toilet immediately then drop the unwrapped PooBomb in, and walk away to eliminate lingering odors.  (It's like the reverse of a Crop Dust!)  They’re also beautiful sitting in a vessel on the shelf or bathroom counter.  A fun novelty product for yourself, or to give as a funny gift!

PooBombs come in a gift box of 12 multi-color wrapped Poo Bombs.

Disclaimer!  Don't be a dumbass!  These are a novelty product for the TOILET only!  Do not eat them, snort them, or use them in the bathtub!  They are NOT bath bombs!

Made in United States of America

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