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Naughty Valentine's Chocolate - Chocolate Penis Gift

Naughty Valentine's Chocolate - Chocolate Penis Gift

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Roses are so 2000. Chocolate is in......even better, a chocolate dick.

This milk chocolate dick in a box is perfect for a special occasion or just a friendly reminder to eat a dick.

7 Inches of Solid Chocolate, Limited Edition Valentine's Day 2023 Box.

The Facts:

All Chocolate Cacao beans are sourced ethically from small farms in Ecuador. Hand ground beans and melted chocolate in Southern California.  100% certified Vegan and Fair Trade. Made in a Nut Free Facility.

Originally developed as a way for people to anonymously tell their friends, office colleagues, etc to "eat a dick" without the repercussions, this product has grown into a great way to spice up the bachelorette party, have a laugh, or just eat some great chocolate. 

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