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Mudcloth Dog Poop Bag Pouch

Mudcloth Dog Poop Bag Pouch

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Don't forget the poop bags!


Don't forget the poop bags, your neighbors will thank you.  (And you don't want to be the face of the next angry neighborhood post calling out those who didn't pick up after their dog!)

This waste bag pouch can snap onto any leash but looks extra cute paired with one of the macrame dog leashes! These are one of a kind (no 2 are alike) and are made out of super durable scrap mudcloth fabric and leather pieces.

Handmade in California!

Grommet included for easy removal of waste bags.

Brass trim and zipper that matches the hardware on the macrame leashes!

Neutral mudcloth + zipper with brown leather that snaps onto leash handle.  Pouch is 4" x 2" x 2" and includes one roll of poop bags.

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