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Chez Gagne

Glass Bottle Matches (Phrase & Color Options)

Glass Bottle Matches (Phrase & Color Options)

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A fire starter of a conversation, these clever wooden matches with colored tips feature a glass bottle and your choice of funny quote.


Three choices of funny quotes on these wooden matches that are cute enough to be considered home decor.

~Everything is Fine - Glass Bottle of 40qty Pink Tipped Safety Matches

~In Case of Shitshow - Glass Bottle of 40qty Black Tipped Safety Matches

~Remaining Fucks - Glass Bottle of 40qty Navy Tipped Safety Matches

1.84 x 4.75, 1.8oz Glass Bottle with Gold Lid contains 40qty Wooden Matches Striker on Side of Bottle for easy strike and light **Matches are available only to United States Retailers at this time due to international shipping constraints.
Made in United States of America


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