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According To Liz

Fragile Like A Bomb RBG Sticker

Fragile Like A Bomb RBG Sticker

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Our personal favorite RBG saying.  What a badass!


RGB for the win!  Talk about a Mic Drop of a saying!

You have a lot of personality - express yourself with these cute and durable splash-proof stickers. Printed with high quality paper and ink, and treated with a strong vinyl “splash-proofing” layer, these glossy stickers are a great addition to your notebooks, laptop, tablet, phone case, and more!
These stickers have been treated to help them stand up to spills and splashes. Please be sure to hand wash or pre-treat them with a water-proof coating before using them on mugs, water bottles, glasses, etc.

Stickers vary in size, ranging from 2" tall to 3" wide.

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