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Fart Prank Sound Card

Fart Prank Sound Card

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Can you imagine hiding under the leg press machine at the gym?!


Who doesn't love a good fart joke?  Most likely...the recipient of this fart prank sound card, that's who!  With over 8 hours of fart noises, this sleek little card can be a real shit!


Great for office pranks, new homes, or just annoying anyone anywhere. Much like annoying hide and seek.  It's sticks on nearly anything, and can be a real bitch to find!  Once found, this card won't be the only thing blowing steam!  If the winner, I mean 'finder' loses their shit and tries to rip it in half...this card will really drop a bomb...a glitter bomb!

Now pat yourself on the back, my gassy friend, because your sense of humor is the Shit!

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