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Rain Parade

Exploding Congratulations Card

Exploding Congratulations Card

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This is the ultimate surprise Congratulatory card!  Perfect for birthday's, anniversaries, graduations, promotions...really about anything...this card will surprise the sh!t out of the recipient when large paper confetti explodes out of the card once it's opened!

*Please note that the photo shows balloon confetti.  This card comes with round paper confetti.

Just remember...payback is a bitch!

It's your birthday!!!!  Here's a card filled with exploding balloon confetti! The glitter cannon card is the perfect game changer to the greeting card world.  This birthday is going to get weird. Up to 4oz of the confetti will launch when opened. 

***NOTE*** once the card is activated, assume the next person who opens the cards is the recipient.  That means, when the card is opened next, it will be triggered & the confetti will launch into the air!

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