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Joker Greetings

Birthday Fart Sounds Glitter Card

Birthday Fart Sounds Glitter Card

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A card that will have them saying, "Now that's BULLSHIT!"




Quite possibly the best cards we've ever seen!  We're just not sure if you send them to piss someone off, make them laugh, or to officially push them over the edge!  Regardless, we're obviously ALL for it!   Once the card is opened by the recipient, the music or sound will continue until the battery dies.  It gets better!  Should the recipient throw a Shit Fit and think they can rip the card apart in order to shut off the sound, they will be covered with more glitter than Sniffer's Row at the strip club!

We told you!  These are the BEST!

Use 2 Forever Stamps to mail this card.

This particular card will play continuous fart sounds!  :)  How's that for a birthday greeting?

  • Will play 3+ hours.

  • These do have glitter inside the card if they try to break them.

  • Card size is 5x7

  • You're welcome!

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