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Eat A D!ck Gummy Prank

Eat A D!ck Gummy Prank

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The only time a soft dick will put a smile on your face.


A real gift? Why would you do that when you can send them a gorgeous gummy wanger!

This gummy love noodle in a box comes in a specially designed birthday box.

Made in small batches in California, these dongs don’t disappoint.

Gummy Dongs- these novelty gummy wieners are the perfect gift for the prankster in your life that likes a good joke and tasty treat!

This perfect little gummy dick can add some fun for any jokers that are closest to your heart.

Please make a note if you'd like your Gummy D to be red (cherry) or blue (raspberry).  If there is no note left for us, we'll chose for you!

Made in United States of America

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