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Blow Me Soy Candle

Blow Me Soy Candle

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Don't forget to blow me!


The Blow Me Candle is a fun and witty candle that both men and women can enjoy and get a laugh from!

Talk about a HOT candle!  A 12 oz. French Vanilla scented soy wax candle in a white high end reusable vessel.  Double wicked for double the fun! Fill your home with the soft glow and warm fragrance of these beautiful, yet witty hand poured soy candles!

We're all about repurposing, so this candle is made in a high-end, beautiful vessel, with the intention of it being used again.  Once you're done burning your candle, you can stick the vessel in the oven to melt any remaining wax, and simply wipe it clean.  We even used a label that peels off easily without leaving any residue.  Now how easy is that?!  This container makes for a great holder for makeup brushes, pens, change, cotton balls, plants...the sky's the limit!

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